Experts agree: This company can make you rich by the end of 2018!


Who doesn’t dream of earning up to one million euros by working just a year? A London based FinTech startup now can make your personal dreams come true. The company Arbitao, cryptocurrency and trading experts explain, offers a arbitrage trading opportunity for beginners and pros. Our editorial team made a short fact check about this company and the offered arbitrage opportunity:

One of the main reasons for the fact check is the fact that there are many young companies and startups offering trading opportunities and ICO projects on the internet. But the most of them don’t even have a working product behind the scenes. The platform Arbitao is completely different and has many satisfied customers as well as international press turns over with headlines and reports about the product. For example Arbitao was also reported in details by, as one of the most famous magazines about cryptocurrencies nowadays.

Reason enough for us to check the company and to check what is really behind it.

What exactly is Arbitao?

The platform Arbitao is not only a new cryptocurrency ICO or another cryptocurrency trading portal on the market. It definitely is more than that! The software behind the platform is already tested, working and automatically generates profits through arbitrage trading for the users. The FinTech startup was founded by a team of trading and stock market experts who developed the unique software for arbitrage trading.

How does the algorithm work exactly?

The Arbitao software automatically buys digital currencies on different exchange platforms for a lower price and sells them on another exchange platform for a higher price. This process is simply called “arbitrage trading”. But what are the advantages? For normal people, arbitrage trading is really difficult, because on the one hand you need a lot of money getting started and on the other hand you manually have to review the cryptocurrency prices on different exchanges all the time. Not with Arbitao: The platform has a fully automated algorithm making the work for you!

If you know how to take advantage of these price fluctuations at the right time, you can achieve quick and above all secure profits. This is exactly what Arbitao uses for its customers.

How to use the platform Arbitao?

The software works in principle with just a single click. No prior knowledge is necessary, so that making money here in the truest sense in no time is possible. The trading software from Arbitao is very easy to use, because all it takes is a single click on the “start button”. All trades are carried out completely automatically by the software. Accordingly, the user also requires neither previous knowledge nor experience in the field of trading. Even those who have never heard of cryptocurrencies would get along with the software immediately.

Does Arbitao really work?

Without being too euphoric you have to realize that Arbitao works surprisingly well!

Throughout the trial, we invested $ 100,00 to the offered “Bronze Trading Pool”, which has a duration of 240 days and offers interest of up to 0.5 % per day! This sounds absolutely great. If you would like to test it by yourself, the platform also offers three more different trading pools to invest, depending on your personal budget.

The software has completed all transactions for us fully automatically. The bottom line is that we can make an unqualified recommendation for Arbitao from the editors.

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