Unity Bank streamlines its commercial & consumer lending processes with Finastra

Unity Bank sought a comprehensive end-to-end credit management system that could serve the loan: from application to booking


Unity Bank has selected Finastra’s Total Lending solution to streamline its commercial lending and consumer lending processes, including its agricultural lending business.

“At Unity Bank, investing in our communities through lending is an integral part of our business,” said Darrin Wilson, Chief Credit Officer, Unity Bank. “With Total Lending, we will be able to streamline our lending processes to offer our customers the best possible experience, while growing our lending business through improved operational efficiencies.”

It selected Finastra’s Total Lending for its ability to meet this goal, as well as for its ability to integrate seamlessly with its existing core banking system. As a result, UnityBank will improve the customer experience with reduced decision time, enhance compliance with dynamic loan documentation, and maximise operational efficiencies with a 360-degree view of all relationships throughout the loan lifecycle.

“Community banks like Unity Bank are integral to the financial well-being of the communities they serve,” said Mike Dionne, Senior Vice President, Community Markets, Finastra. “As competition from larger national banks continues to grow, community banks can remain competitive and even expand their lending business organically by leveraging a single solution for commercial and consumer lending that incorporates origination, decisioning, processing, document preparation, and loan servicing—thus unlocking efficiencies and providing the level of service today’s consumers demand.”

“With Total LendingFinastra has a lot to offer,” said David O’Connell, senior analyst, Aite Group. “In a recent report, we found Finastra’s client strength to be stronger than any of its peers. Finastra also has a relatively high vendor stability score and a three-tiered structure that enables lenders of all sizes to access a solution with functionality tailored to their needs and scalable as those needs evolve.”

In the report, titled Commercial Loan Origination: Scoping the Market and Comparing the Vendors, Aite Group awarded Finastra “Best-in-Class” status for its commercial loan origination solutions, including Total Lending. The standing reinforces Finastra’s position as the industry leader in end-to-end commercial lending.


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